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fouri_147_british_colonial_architecture3In last week’s four-i I discussed how, all too often, people use calendar events as the principle theme for a lot of their marketing and that rarely do these initiatives work effectively.

Following this, I received a note from Jerry Lyons, MD of Property PR Expert, who agreed with me and then went on to add that rather than theme by the calendar instead do so by the target market. I’ve discussed this point several times before, not least in my book “HEMP – The Highly Effective Marketing Plan”, that the key to effective marketing is to know your target market so well, it’s as if they were your partner or children. Jerry included an example that I think illustrates this really well.

One of Jerry’s clients is Newburry Tully, an estate agency based in Seaford. One of their key target audiences are people living in bungalows, who principally are of retirement age. Using print, a medium that still works with this target audience, they produced a brief history of the bungalow – and I admit, I’d no idea the term originates from the Hindi word “bangla” which means “belonging to Bengal” that was used to describe the detached cottages built for early European settlers in India. Indeed, I found myself reading the whole article (attached below) and my interest became my concern when I realised that I’m closer in profile to the target audience than I’d like to admit!

But did it work? For sure it piqued my interest but was it effective? Jerry told me that at the last count Newburry Tully had requests for 8 market appraisals from the 2,500 news-sheets they delivered, so if half come to the market and sell that equals an income of approximately £24,000 – and that qualifies as Highly Effective in my book.

Newbury Tully article.pdf


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