Four Important Questions

Jeff Grout, who spoke at Lettings LIVE last year, expanded on his presentation with a “People Recruitment & Retention Masterclass” with one of our Mastermind Groups last week.


The members all said it was a brilliant and brilliantly timed presentation given that many are finding it increasingly difficult to find A* recruits and also find their best people are being headhunted on a daily basis.

Over 3.5 hours Jeff described several practical processes to improve employee engagement and I’m going to share one that for me had a big impact – “the four questions you need to ask every quarter.”

Question 1“What are the good things we do that we must keep doing?”

Question 2 “What are the bad things we do that we must stop doing?”

Question 3“What things do we do only occasionally that we should do consistently?”

Question 4“What things don’t we do that we should start doing?”

To my mind these four questions would form an excellent starting point for a quarterly review, both with the team and individually. Also, these are great questions to give a new recruit to the business and to tell them that you’d like their answers after 90 days at their first review – I emphasise the value with new people as they will see the business with an open mind and not be prejudiced by anything that’s happened in the past.

Jeff will be speaking with several of our Mastermind Groups over the next 12 months – he’s one of 70 world-class speakers our members get to interact and learn from – find out here what it’s like to experience becoming a Mastermind Group Member.

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