Fulfilment and Follow-up – How to get referrals!!

At this year’s ICON conference Scott Baird from Griffin Hill presented a session on how to get referrals.

He outlined a great process that can be used within any business to increase referrals by following five simple steps:

  1. Reframe
  2. Fulfil promises
  3. Collect proofs
  4. Harvest
  5. SNE (Schedule Next Event)

Following this specific structure allows you to verbalise and remind people of your value to them before you ask for something in return.

1.    Reframe

Begin with your positioning statement take the vendor or purchaser back to when they first met you and remind them of why they chose you and your services. Highlight to them what you said you would achieve for them.

“When we met we agreed that I would… [add in what you delivered on]”

“We agreed that we would… and we promised…”

2.    Fulfil promises

Show them that you achieved what was agreed – be this price, timescale etc; again whatever the dealmaker was for them.

“This is what we have done for you…” ie:

–    completed expectations
–    resolved issues or difficulties
–    provided results

3.    Collect proofs

Then pose the question:

“What have you liked best about working with us?”

Upon accumulating this information ask for permission to use them as a case study. This not only allows you to share the example but will also provide them with a subtle compliment.

“Thank you – this is really helpful. May I share your example with others?”

4.    Harvest referrals

“This is great! I’m pleased we have delivered for you. On the back of that great feedback may I ask you a couple of questions?”

–    “Who do you know in area who is looking to sell?”
–    “Who has recently completed work to their house and might appreciate a new valuation?”
–    “Have any other names come to mind whilst we have been chatting?”

If people pause, you may have asked the wrong question. Remember, you are using the database that is in their mind.

5. SNE (Schedule Next Event)

“Thanks for these names…”

–    What’s the best way to contact them?
–    Am I okay to use your name?
–    Would you prefer to call them before I do?

Okay, no worries – when are you going to call them?

Get them to commit to a time when they are going to do so, so you can let them know when you are going to make your call and that way they don’t get a chance to hold you up.


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