You can’t have Profit AND Growth…or can you?

Profit and Growth are seen by many as a dichotomy but we believe Profitable Growth should be the long term goal for all estate agency businesses. The key is to recognise when to accelerate growth and when to maximise profit and several factors will determine which mode you should be in at any point in time.

At the Growth Summit we will examine the key factors that affect Profitable Growth including:

  1. When to grow, when to consolidate and why you should always “squeeze the lemon”.
  2. The barriers to profitable growth and why so many businesses stagnate at a certain size.
  3. Lessons from successful agencies that have grown…profitably.

The Growth Summit will include presentations from:

Sue Firth, a highly respected business psychologist and Chair of Property Academy Mastermind Leadership Groups, on how to manage the stress of growth and to harness it profitably.

Peter Knight, founder of the Property Academy, who has personally coached and mentored some of the most successful estate agents in the UK advising on and helping to implement highly successful profitable growth strategies.

Bob Scarff, formerly MD of Countrywide who has seen first hand and helped steer the profitable growth of the largest EA Group in the UK.

Peter Fuller, who as MD of Romans Lettings grew the business from scratch to over 8,000 properties under management and as Director of Acquisitions has negotiated the purchase of 34 EA businesses.

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