Group Member Tip – Matthew Bennett – Orchid Properties

Matthew-Bennet_100My tip has come from one of our group meetings and it has generated £20,000 commission for us – it is an exercise in reconnecting with previous clients in a personal way, and reminding them that you are there to assist and did a great job the first time round!

Set up a campaign to contact all of your buyers from the last five or six years, sending them a letter which:

  1. encloses the original property particulars
  2. re-introduces you and your company
  3. states that you hope they are enjoying the property and have no doubt done some work on it
  4. suggests that if they are curious as to what the house is worth, you are happy to carry out a free, no-obligation market appraisal with no pushy sales tactics etc.

This exercise should generate immediate market appraisals and hopefully win you several instructions too.


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