1 in 4 online sales enquiries are not called within 24 hours
52% of online landlord enquiries are not called within 24 hours
31% of online sales enquiries are now being called within 30mins

Our independent mystery shopping results, recently appearing in Rightmove’s 2016 preview, highlighted that when online valuation enquiries were carried out;

75% sales enquiries did get a call response within 24 hours (25% didn’t)

1 in 4 leads could be lost to your competitor.

48% landlord enquiries did get a call back within 24 hours (52% didn’t)

Over half of the enquiries are not being responded to within a day, more are being left than acted on! It seems the sales teams are slightly better at getting back to the enquiries than the lettings teams.

31% of sales enquiries are now being called within half an hour. This could be your competitor…

We all know the effort we go to generate instruction leads, so it is really important that we don’t stop there and really work on our internal processes for dealing with enquiries. What processes do you currently have in place and how can they be improved? What worked last year may already be out of date as customer expectations continue to grow.

Instagram exists because we live in an instant gratification era where time really is of the essence.


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