Interview with Marcus Child

This month’s interview is with Property Academy speaker Marcus Child, an expert in personal power and motivation.

Marcus explains about the importance of positivity, having a purpose and belief in your team, and highlights the key drivers behind motivation.


Marcus specialises in enabling corporate change through people and motivation and has an impressive reputation for helping people in management and service embrace change positively and successfully. His emphasis on people exploiting the workplace as an environment for self-improvement as well as commercial success means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people long after his programmes are complete. He regularly speaks on conference platforms and has advised politicians, sportspeople and CEOs in the U.K.

Marcus regularly speaks to our Mastermind Groups in a highly valuable workshop explaining to members how to attain and sustain peak performance for themselves, their colleagues, customers, as well as confidently set and meet aspirational goals. If you would like to find out more about Mastermind Membership or Marcus please contact us or click here.


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