Home movers own other properties 24% of the time
42% of landlords have additional properties
62% of tenants are planning to buy

The data we are sharing with you this month has been chosen to highlight how valuable your database really is and what additional business can be gained from it with zero marketing costs.

24% of home movers have additional properties in their portfolio yet how often do we ask our buyers and sellers if they have additional properties we might be able to help with? A great question Josh Phegan shares is to ask buyers ‘Is this your first, second or third purchase in the area?’ The response will immediately highlight if there are additional opportunities from the buyer, it is definitely worth asking as 2 out of 10 will!


Similarly with landlords, 42% have more than one property. Do you know which ones do? There is such potential sitting in your database! A great idea is to start touching base with your landlords on a regular basis and simply ask the question ‘Do you have any additional properties that we can help with?’. This can be asked of current and past landlords. Go for it and see how many new sales and letting instructions you can get from a call out session to your landlord database.


So great opportunities for instructions within the sales and lettings portfolios. In addition, for the sales guys, 62% of tenants are planning to buy some point in the future. Get to them first! Become their trusted advisor, generate an FS lead and start building a rapport


Your database is extremely valuable, you may well find it is all you need to win your future business.

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