Google at New Homes Live

Scott-Sinclair-headshot_99‘You can never be too late to be early’.

Scott Sinclair from Google shared the latest trends on consumer behaviours and what they might mean for the new homes industry at Property Academy event ‘New Homes LIVE’ on 9th October.

‘The mobile world continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate. With nearly 5 billion people still to come online the pace of change only continues to accelerate’ said Scott.

‘Specifically, 52% of all new homes searches are now on mobile devices’ and this is where all the growth in search volume is.

In light of this, Scott shared four main tips to take advantage of the mobile opportunity and we wanted to share these with you:

  1. Put someone in charge of mobile. Is someone within your company responsible for ensuring your site is appearing and performing, as it should? If someone is searching your site for a new homes development at lunchtime, mid week on a desktop they are less likely to want to view that day. However, someone searching on a mobile early afternoon at the weekend is more likely to want to look that day. Does your site provide information to enable them to do so?
  2. Ensure that there is utility built into your mobile site to optimise the customer’s journey. People now expect more from mobile; your site must be easy to navigate with relevant information readily available. The competition is no longer other agents in this respect; instead, who is able to get the information to the consumer when they need/want it.
  3. Drive discoverability and be the first to address customers. Make sure your site is mobile indexed and can easily be found when people are searching on mobile. If you are spending the time to deliver a great experience when viewed on a mobile, let it be found.
  4. Experiment and innovate. Test! There is currently no written way to ‘do’ mobile best. Trial and error will pay dividends in helping you get your company out there in the world of mobile. As you test, you will be learning, the more you learn – the faster you will move. Ultimately you won’t know what works effectively until you test it.

To demonstrate the growth in Mobile and the change in user behaviour, Scott said that one of the biggest growing mobile search terms is ‘near me’. As more users trust their devices to know where they are, they are using search to ask more contextual questions about things near them. Its another example of how consumer behaviour changes with technology.

The next Property Academy event is EA LIVE taking place on the 4th December where you can expect to hear from leading industry, non industry and international speakers offering the latest information and innovations in our sector.

“Inspiring, motivating, informative, helpful, thought provoking. Very valuable.”
Nicole Lomas – Hudsons


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