42% of homeowners & 47% of landlords visit your website before booking a val.

The most important aspect of marketing for sellers & landlords 54% of the time is quality of images.

63% of tenants say number of images is most important when searching

This months stat’s have been chosen to offer you the chance to consider and review with your teams if your website marketing is inline with consumer expectations.





Your website is important, it is your shop window online and between four and five homeowners and landlords are researching you via your website, before they book the valuation appointment. Consider the customer journey with your team and make maximum impact on the key touch points.

To get to your site they most likely would have gone via Google. How do you appear in search? This is where your future customer can get a great first impression with Google reviews. Test how you appear in Google. (Open new tab incognito window so you remove Google’s preferences for your results. NB you may not come up as high!)


Before they have even got to your site, they have a positive (hopefully) first glance at your brand and immediate social proof from the reviews.

Once they get to your site, what are the key calls to action? Do you have all the reasons why a customer should use you? ie reviews, up to date award medals, valuable content etc. Remember the home page is not necessarily the first page they will land on depending on what they search for. Have a good look through your own site and discuss if it gets the key messages across to your future customers.


The quality of images show to your future customer how you might present their property. Are they great professional quality? Average? Poor? This is the most important factor for sellers and landlords so take a look through your listings today and see what the images look like. Are they painting a positive picture of your brand?


Remember your tenants. Just because it is a rental and will let quickly, doesn’t mean it is ok to present average details. We know from the stat above the quality of images for the Landlord is important and they will be researching this via your current available stock. Tenants are looking for a good selection of images to get a feel for the property. This is the most important aspect for them. Take a look at your rental properties online. If you were looking to rent and view them, do they give you a good indication of what to expect? If not, they may well click off your site and see if the same property is on with someone else that has more images and a floor plan…

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