Mastermind at Zoopla Property Group


Last month’s Property Academy Marketing group was kindly hosted by Zoopla Property Group at their London offices. One of Property Academy’s own, Jo Weeks, went along to join the group and enjoy expert speaker Glen Daley’s session – ‘Managing Up’.

Here are Jo’s top 5 session takeaways from Managing Up:

1. “I noticed”, “I wondered”
When dealing with a manager who discourages feedback or whose authority comes from their position, frame any suggestions sensitively, for example using clear examples from past experience. Take notice of the style your manager uses to communicate and adapt to that style to be heard.

2. “Help me to understand”
Do you ever leave a room wondering “I’m not sure what he/she actually wants”? Find out before you leave by asking the right questions and take responsibility for securing the details.

3. “Safe-fail”
To avoid fear of failure, create a “safe-fail” environment where the team is encouraged to try something out to see what can be learned.

4. After Action Review (AAR)
An AAR is a useful de-brief process to analyse a project after the event to discover what happened, why it happened, and how it can be done better. In the military, all insignia is removed from the team so that an honest discussion can be had without rank getting in the way, and the meeting is facilitated.

5. If I’ve heard of it, am I using it?
In training and coaching there may often be concepts which you have come across before. It’s always good to ask, if I’ve heard of it already, am I using it? If not could it be helpful?


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