How do we get under the ‘mask’ when interviewing to really find out if they are right for us?

This month’s interview is with Property Academy speaker, Jeff Grout who speaks with our Leadership Groups on recruiting effectively, what attributes you should be looking for as well as how to build the best teams which we all need to stay ahead in business today. We asked Jeff how to build a great team, and it starts with having the right people on the bus. Watch the video to find out how to hire the best people first time round, by really getting behind the ‘mask’.

jeff_grout_99Jeff is a highly respected business speaker and is regularly engaged to work with leading businesses including Amazon, to help with their recruitment and retention issues. He is also regularly asked to interview business leaders such as Alan Sugar and Richard Branson.

Formerly UK Managing Director of a leading international recruitment consultancy and Business Manager to Sir Clive Woodward, he holds a number of corporate advisory and executive coaching appointments and is also a successful business author.

Jeff runs master classes on these principles for Property Academy Group Members. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about Group Membership or Jeff Grout.


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