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The second edition of four-i monthly arrives on the first day of the last quarter. Where has the year gone? More importantly how are things year to date vs budget? There is still three months left to make a big impact on this years final result and set up nicely for a great start to 2016.

I hope that this month’s newsletter offers some great information, insight, ideas and inspiration that will help you go from strength to strength in this last quarter.

Jeff Grout is one of many fantastic Property Academy speakers, I was lucky enough to interview him last month. Jeff specialises in all aspects of recruitment and retention, and with a long list of highly regarded clients including Amazon, Jeff really knows his stuff when it comes to people. He is the expert interviewer interviewing Alan Sugar in the past, and Richard Branson tomorrow! I like to call this video ‘interviewing the interviewer’. There are many tips to be gained from this video to improve your own interviewing technique and staff retention.

Property Academy member Steven Herd, CEO of MyLondonHome, has very kindly offered us his tip of the month on how he generates an additional 12 leads per week from his ‘About’ page. Definitely worth a read.

Each month we will offer ‘food for thought’ by sharing key stats from our surveys with a particular theme this month on marketing. These stats I hope will encourage conversations with your team, allowing you to benchmark yourself against the consumer expectations. How can you improve the customer experience based on these findings?

At the Property Academy we are passionate about reading and continuing our learning, and then sharing that newfound knowledge. This month our Marketing Manager Annie Gray has reviewed ‘Thinking Fast & Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman, which will definitely get you thinking!

This month we also have contributions from Google, an overview of Property Academy speaker Glen Daley’s ‘Managing Up’ session and our upcoming meetings and events.

We very much hope that you enjoy this months four-i newsletter and welcome any comments that you may have, feel free to get in touch with me directly

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Nicky Stevenson


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