Mastermind Group Member Tip

By Peter Lawrence from Lawrence Rand

Peter Lawrence

After spending the day with Josh Phegan at his Property Academy Mastermind session on 28th September, a couple of things really hit home for me.

First, the importance of re-introducing a daily structure back into the teams, and second, bringing back prospecting sessions in order to motivate them and set a positive working environment to keep them passionate in a tough market.

For too long we’ve been worrying about external factors affecting the business and what our competitors are doing, when in fact what we should be concentrating on is the way we engage with our own clients and manage the abundance of data we already have. By sticking to structured prospecting sessions, each with a clear focus, the negotiators have found themselves more confident when farming existing data and maximising every opportunity.

We have structured their days into 45 minute sessions, interspersed with time out and away from their desks to recharge ready to tackle the next viewing, valuation or prospecting session with fresh enthusiasm. The resulting effect is one of our highest ever instruction months to date – so something must be working!


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