STEVENSON_Nicky-017_New_Grey100Welcome to four-i November

Here at Property Academy, we are very excited to be adding the final touches to our flagship event, EA LIVE and the prestigious Estate Agency of the Year Awards which is taking place on the 2nd December –  just four weeks and one day away!

As you adapt to the colder and darker days, you are probably also considering your future activities, future goals, and future priorities, as am I. What exactly is the one big, shiny thing that you would like to achieve and by when, and therefore, what should you be focusing your efforts on? When you think about this long term vision, what decisions and actions should you be taking today to achieve your one big, shiny thing?

Coasting is simply not for the successful, and it is certainly not going to propel you towards your one big, shiny thing. “Most people in life are coasting. Very few are asking themselves the key question that would enable them to do more, have more or even be more!” says world-class speaker and bestselling author, Pete Wilkinson. Pete’s presentation is called ‘Unstoppable’ for a reason: he is going to share many practical tools to help you achieve more in a week than most do in a month, and will also be sharing with you ‘The World’s Best One Page Action Plan’ so you too can become unstoppable. His motivational keynote presentation will be opening EA LIVE on 2nd December, so make sure you are there on time! If you are one of the few who has not yet secured your ticket then please do as soon as possible, as whilst we are at a bigger venue this year, we’ve sold over 61% of our tickets in just over a week!

Pete has recorded a quick video for us so worth a watch if you would like to find out more.

This month we are grateful to Peter Lawrence for sharing his Mastermind Member Tip of the Month, and also to Kevin Ellis who has done an excellent write-up on the key lessons learned at New Homes LIVE last month.

Right now, a record 13,067 home movers have taken part in this year’s Home Moving Trends Survey, sharing their experiences and expectations when choosing and using an estate agent! Simon Bradbury of Thomas Morris has kindly shared with us why the HMT report is so important to him and how he has used it effectively in his business, enabling him to make informed decisions.

I hope you enjoy this month’s four-i monthly and look forward to seeing you at EA LIVE on 2nd December!

Best wishes,



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