Mastermind Group Member Tip

By Jonathan Hudson

Jonathan Hudson

As a business owner I often feel pulled in lots of different directions trying to separate (not always successfully!) working “in” and “on” the business. The Property Academy allows me to refocus every two months for the next 8 weeks and helps me achieve my “on the business” goals and be held accountable by my peers.

Sometimes it’s the smallest detail picked up from a discussion topic or from another peer during a coffee break that can make a big difference to my business. For example, speaker Mark Robb’s staff engagement survey, which helps me get a better understanding of how we owners measure up in a number of factors, or a tip from a peer who has really mastered the use of video to enhance their marketing and stand out from the crowd. The latter is something we are now using successfully to reach an ever-more-crowded marketplace.

One thing I have heard time after time, more than anything else within the Mastermind group, is to remember how important your team are. Great team members are hard to find, so looking after the good ones, treating them well and keeping them happy as well as providing a clean and uplifting working environment, will ensure that they stay longer and are more engaged. More importantly, your customers will receive a better level of service and become advocates of your brand.


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