Mastermind Member Tip – Greg Barnes – Breckon & Breckon

Greg Barnes

Should you be chasing the dream…?

So many of us spend huge amounts of time, energy and of course money on our marketing to attract the next client, dropping forests worth of letters and leaflets trying to find that landlord who is happy to hand over their huge portfolio!

In reality, these clients are few and far between and many are very loyal to their current agent, so is this the best strategy?

At Breckon & Breckon, our view is very much based on look after what you have and look after it well; there is no point chasing and securing new business without maintaining the clients you have who then walk. Building and maintaining relationships with clients and contractors, communication and feedback are without question the elements required to maintain a successful portfolio and once built you can rely on them being ambassadors of your brand, giving you the opportunity to prospect, a ‘system’ pioneered by Josh Phegan as many of you are aware, and one that works.

The bar amongst the top performers in our industry is extremely high and staying ahead of the pack takes constant innovation, enthusiasm, cohesive engagement with staff but most importantly an ear to your clients so you can look after them, explore every opportunity with them and enjoy the journey…


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