STEVENSON_Nicky-017_New_Grey100Welcome to four-i June

I was honoured to meet and interview Sir Clive Woodward last week, an exceptional and inspirational leader and coach who took the England Rugby Team from sixth in the world, to number one.

What were the secrets to his success? Well I asked him, and you can see what he had to say in the interview here.

One of his points to note is the value in taking time to learn from the successes, as well as the setbacks. It is always very easy to concentrate on the areas that went wrong, and what we could have done better, we all do it, but it is also important to review the successes. How can they be recreated? What enabled the success? Could the success itself be improved? In our own businesses we all have star performers; what habits and behaviours do these star performers have? If we know them, we can share them amongst the team thus increasing the number of star performers we have. For Sir Clive, the ability to learn and an amazing attitude are two of the key characteristics of a champion performer. What are the key characteristics for the star performers in your team? I hope you enjoy the interview; we are very much looking forward to seeing Sir Clive’s keynote presentation at Lettings LIVE next week.

Have you seen the full line up for Lettings LIVE? If not, take a look, it is not to be missed. We have behavioural economist Roger Martin-Fagg sharing his opinion on the likely outcome of the referendum and specifically how this will affect the housing market. Marcus Child works with brands such as Coca Cola & David Lloyd (to name a few), and specialises in positivity and motivation. He will be sharing how we can best manage our own states to ensure we get the most out of ourselves and increase the bottom line. We also have Tim Burgess from LinkedIn sharing how we can all get the most out of using this platform, both personally and for our business. You can see the full line up here.

Sam Mitchell, Head of Lettings at Rightmove, will also be speaking. Ahead of the day we have asked him a couple of questions: what does he think are the most important things for letting agents to be working on at the moment, and what are the biggest trends? Sam gives us a great insight in this issue and it’s well worth a read.

Mark Robb is one of the Property Academy’s most highly regarded speakers, and an expert in leadership and service excellence. This month we share our interview with Mark where we find out a bit more about what makes an excellent leader and how to maximise team engagement.

We also have the usual book summary; Mastermind Tip of the Month; and a sneak preview of some of the findings in last month’s Landlord & Tenant Survey where over 7,000 individuals took part. All the key findings from this survey will be revealed at Lettings LIVE.

Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing many of you at Lettings LIVE next week.

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