Ken Allison - Have I Got Employment News for You

Ken is an engaging speaker who manages to make employment law challenging, entertaining, and above all, relevant to the 21st Century executive. He uses his understanding of managing businesses to show managers what they ‘can do’ rather than what they ‘cannot do’.  His unique proposition is that he combines a background in line management, corporate HR and personnel, and seven years as Head of HR Consulting for a major law firm, to deliver practical solutions that improve performance.

This chief executive level employment workshop opens with an interactive quiz to explore takeaway lessons from high profile stories that have recently been in the news. Other content is customised based on the current experiences of participants, and can cover:

  • Changing contracts
  • Protecting your business when employees depart
  • Handling the ‘stress’ card
  • The challenges of being ‘family friendly’
  • Dealing with the nervousness about discrimination
  • How to secure gain not pain from redundancies.