David Thomas - Grow Your Brain, Grow Your Business

David is an expert in memory and personal development and he is considered one of the leading speakers in the field of memory. His credibility in memory is unquestionable and when mixed with his humorous and contagious side his talks are an experience like none other. David will leave delegates highly motivated and with the necessary knowledge and tools to progress forward in their careers, as an individual, and as an organisation. David has a vast variety of clients from Olympic athletes to government officials. The never ending variety ensures that David meets new challenges everyday from new environments. Since breaking a Guinness world record in 1998 David has made multiple media appearances including being on the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. David has gone on to take part in a number of interviews on ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and on the radio.

Session overview:
David’s session is divided into three segments:
1. Speed reading
2. Mind mapping
3. Memory skills.

Learn simple, easy to use techniques that will have a real impact on performance as a CEO
Gain an insight into something they never knew existed
The chance to take techniques that can also be shared with staff, family and friends.