Richard Mullender - Listening Skills

Being a master hostage negotiator requires a rare level of communication skills. Richard Mullender offers a unique perspective on how to influence people in challenging situations using the skills he put to use every day as a hostage negotiator, which have proved to be equally as valuable in the business world.

A world where effective listening is in high demand – to Boardroom level and beyond – as companies across the globe identify listening as a skill that directly impacts their bottom line. As Richard proves, the intelligence gained from elite-level listening can be used to persuade, influence and negotiate; to revelatory effect.

Session overview:

This session will show you how to listen like a hostage negotiator, and discover what to listen for. You will be able to interpret the the true significance of what’s being said, identify someone’s values, beliefs and motivators and most importantly, understand precisely how to pitch a course of action to them.

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