22nd May - Try out a Partnership Group exclusively for suppliers to the estate and lettings industry.


Your topic for the workshop will be “Bad Bosses: The Top 10 Leadership Pitfalls” from speaker David Smith.

There is a dearth of great leadership in Politics (the UK Brexit debacle will leave its scars for years) and in Business (we regularly see CEO departures driven by greed and obscene bonus payments/high profile CEOs accused of bullying and sexual misconduct). Despite so many books written on the topic of leadership, and so many leadership development programmes – errors of leading others seem to be repeated regularly. David’s research into the topic of bad bosses and poor leadership, has included 100s of Vistage Members – who have contributed their stories of leadership failure with great enthusiasm. David has now compiled the behaviours which most demotivate followers. This is a very timely topic, which will hugely benefit Group members wishing to avoid the common behaviours which most demotivate their teams.

Session overview:

David will use his latest stories to illustrate this most lively of topics. He will not PowerPoint your Group to death. His style is to get the audience actively participating in the content.


  • The link between bad leadership behaviour and the health/performance of the workforce
  • Explanation of the research into leadership pitfalls which followers most hate
  • Finding a better and contextualised way to lead
  • Using measurement to determine leadership style

Participants will leave with a simple practical explanation of the behaviours to avoid/and stamp out in their own organisation. They will have a method by which to measure and analyse their own and their Team’s leadership behaviours in this critical area. This is a powerful workshop, on a vital topic for the 21st Century.

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Established for almost a decade, the Partnership Group comprises up to 14 Property Industry suppliers and exists for mutual benefit and business improvement. Imagine having access to a team of experts, who challenge and support you to be the best that you can be. That is what membership provides. Together, we address current issues & opportunities in very action focused sessions, chaired by well-known property industry leader, Peter Knight.

In addition to the networking, introductions & cross-promotional opportunities, a key feature of the Property Academy’s Partnership Group is the 3.5 hour workshop with leading business coaches. The 2019 programme includes access to experts in sales performance, strategy execution, digital marketing, brand management, talent management, negotiation skills and surviving in a tough economy. The sessions are inspirational and we regularly receive feedback from our members that they provide the most powerful personal and business development lessons they’ve ever received.



Companies that attend the trial meeting and decide to become a fully fledged member, can expect the following benefits.

  • Partnership Meetings include:- 5 meetings at another non-competing member’s place of business, providing you with the chance to see and learn from other suppliers.
  • Workshops with top speakers on subjects including the latest digital marketing tactics, strategy execution, new prospecting techniques for more effective sales, how to be more persuasive and much more. This is your opportunity to take part in masterclasses with individuals who work at board level with some of the UK’s most successful businesses.
  • Immensely powerful issues sessions, where members openly share the challenges and opportunities that they face and benefit from the contributions, ideas and recommendations of the others.
  • Personal introductions to estate & letting agency prospects
  • Participation in our ‘All Members’ day – where individuals from all the groups, including c. 80 estate agency business owners from companies including Andrews, Manning Stainton, Preston Baker, Northfields and Dawson’s, spend time together working on their business issues.
  • Priority notice and booking for Property Academy events, including the EA Masters Leadership Conference, Exhibition and Awards.

Sounds interesting?



The Partnership Groups are suitable for individuals from companies of all sizes – owners of large companies are inspired by the ideas and innovations being adopted by owners of small companies and vice versa.

What is important, is a common desire to learn and help one another to have a better business. We learn better together and friendships are formed along the way.

Below is a selection of current members.

Each Group is restricted to 14 non-competing members. Once the group is full, no further members are permitted to trial. If you join, no other company that you compete with can become a member of your group. Therefore, if you are interested in trialling with a view to becoming a member, please register now to avoid disappointment.