Elizabeth Mills - Talent Management

Estate agency is renowned for its relatively high staff turnover, which costs time & money and affects customer service. Property Academy’s mastermind group members will benefit from an expert workshop with Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth is an experienced commercial HR professional, trainer and speaker. Her passion is all about people in business; from finding them, developing them and, importantly, knowing how to get the best from them. Doing all this in a way that demonstrates tangible business benefits is where great talent management comes in. Elizabeth works with business owners and senior executives to help them really understand how to improve business results through the performance and potential of their people. She uses the concept of talent management and demonstrates what it is and how it can work effectively on a very practical level.

Session overview:

Time and resource is limited. We have no choice but to deal with employee issues and under performance as a priority, but this can mean investment in our good performers and those with potential quite often takes a back seat. We therefore unintentionally ignore the people we need most in our business. This session will show you six key business benefits of using a talent map tool to manage your talent.

You will go away from the session being able to:

  • Understand who your talent is and if they are at risk of leaving.
  • Implement a way to keep an eye on this, as part of your everyday business activity, so you have real time people data.
  • Check if you are developing the right people and at the right time.

Thought, discussion and ideas on the following, which may result in a change to the way you choose to do things:

  • Do you have the right balance of talent in your business now, based on your business plan and objectives?
  • How should this impact on the way you recruit and attract people into the business, now and in the future? How it can enable good, meaningful, tailored, open and honest conversations about performance and potential, without the forms, processes and tick boxing usually associated with performance reviews.
  • A clear plan for where to best spend your time and financial resource on people activities to get the best return for your investment. You will learn more about what your HR/Talent agenda should be for the next 6-12 months.

This meeting is sold out.

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