Chris Paton - Strategy Execution

Chris is a strategy, planning and change specialist who implements higher performance in a wide range of organisations. He is one of the UK’s premier exponents of wargaming and was contracted by Shell to wargame their plans for decommissioning oil platforms in the North Sea. He has also provided wargames for the NHS, Waitrose, Co-op and other corporates. At the SME level he has facilitated workshops for a range of businesses, including leading a £1M Telecomms company with just 8 people towards a three-fold increase in turnover and a trebling of staff.

This session is an engaging, interactive and stimulating session focusing on what a strategic planning process should look like, to achieve successful business outcomes.


  • To learn why a planning process is important and the benefits it brings
  • To study different process tools and their benefits / limitations
  • To outline ways in your business can implement a planning process.


  • What is a strategy, what is a plan and how do the two link together?
  • What are the components of a good strategy and a good plan and how do I choose the right ones?
  • Why do plans and strategies fail?
  • What tools are there to help you implement a planning process?
  • How to implement a process, key steps and pitfalls; initiating one for your own business.

This meeting is sold out.

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