What is the Best Estate Agent Guide?

The Best Estate Agent Guide shines a light on the best estate and letting agencies and branches in the country. It is compiled by Property Academy, with the support of the UK’s most popular property portal, Rightmove.

Individual branches are scored based on a combination of data analysis and the top 20% are rated and listed on bestestateagentguide.co.uk.

Based on the individual branch scores, we also identify the top 5% of agencies in each sizeband in the country – in addition to having branches listed on bestestateagentguide.co.uk, these exceptional firms are awarded a Best Estate Agent Guide Award.

Am I featured in the Best Estate Agent Guide?

Has your agency finished in the top 5% in the country and won a BEAG 2021 award?


Does your agency have one or more branches that have finished in the top 20% of branches in the country and are listed on bestestateagentguide.co.uk?

The BEAG 2021 was published on October 8th, 2020.


How can I promote my success?

Winning a Best Estate Agent Guide Award and having branches listed on bestestateagentguide.co.uk is a very powerful message – it positions you among an elite group of agents, based on an independent assessment of your property marketing, customer service and results performance.

You can promote your achievement and provide independent proof of your superior service by purchasing a licence, giving you access to a range of marketing materials to help you unlock the full potential of your achievement.

Buying a licence to promote your success gives you a competitive advantage providing a simple, clear and compelling reason for buyers and landlords to instruct you.

Our Head of Marketing has also produced a marketing tips document, designed to help licenced agents get the most out of their success.

Download a copy here to see the ways in which becoming a licenced agent can enhance your business.


What is included in the licence?

First and foremost, you get the ability to promote the fact that in an independent assessment of over 15,000 estate agency companies & 25,000 branches undertaken by Property Academy and the UK’s number 1 property website Rightmove, your performance makes you among the best in the country

It helps you to demonstrate your exceptional track record & expertise and establish trust – consistently one of the most important factors landlords & buyers look for when choosing which agent to instruct.

We provide you with a branded video, which you can use on your website and social media channels to help explain how your result in the Best Estate Agent Guide provides credible independent proof of your superior service in the areas that matter – marketing, service & results.



Official logos
In return for the licence fee, we provide you with your winner’s marks and branch ratings so that you can display them in all your marketing.

2021 BEAG Examples 600

PR Templates
We send you sample press releases that you can share with local media,

Enhanced presence on bestestateagentguide.co.uk

We enhance your listing(s) on the Best Estate Agent Guide website to include:

  • Boosted above non-licensed agents in search results
  • Your company logo
  • A link to your website
  • An email call to action button/link
  • 2 x photos
  • Description

We send you an official award-winner’s certificate to help recognise and reward your team’s performance.

Award winners will also recieve a window sticker to display in each winning branch.

Make the most of your achievement, with this marketing campaign and purchase a licence now.


How do I buy a licence?

This licence covers you for use of the awards seal across all your marketing materials.

Once you purchase a licence, we will send you the terms & conditions for signature, followed by access to a range of assets to help you promote your status.


Please select from the list below:

1 Branch Licence – £1,200 +VAT
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2 Branch Licence – £1,800 +VAT
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3 Branch Licence – £1,900 +VAT
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4 Branch Licence – £2,000 +VAT
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