Gary Howard of Precision Connects welcomes you to the BEAG Marketing Hub.

Precision Connects is offering a 10% discount to licensed award winners on orders placed via the BEAG Marketing Hub. Use Discount Code PCP10

Please note this offer is only available until Friday 20th December 2019.

What is in my marketing toolkit?

The PR templates, event photography, winner’s marks and branch ratings, which you have already been sent, are stored in the downloads area, together with brand guidelines and a copy of the licence agreement.

In addition, BEAG Marketing Hub also provides access to the following artwork, enabling you to purchase professionally printed campaign materials via our print partners, Precision Connects:

  • Official award winner’s certificate*
  • Looking to buy or let poster*
  • Pavement signage (A-Board Poster)
  • Window cards
  • Window banner
  • Letter templates
  • Post cards
  • GDPR compliant name & address data

*depending on whether you are an award winner and whether your award and/or branch rating is for sales, lettings or both

How do I use BEAG Marketing Hub?

  1. Visit and enter the username and password sent to you via email by
  2. Check and update the delivery and finance addresses are correct by clicking on the my profile icon to the right of the basket and update them if they are incorrect.
  3. Browse for products from the drop-down menu (eg Window Cards)
  4. Select the template design, size and paper type that you want to purchase.
  5. Most templates are pre-populated with your agencies details, such as your logo, estate agent name, contact details, agency award or branch rating, whilst others allow you to adapt the suggested copy to create your own campaign message or change the colour to match your own brand colours. Follow the on screen instructions to create and save your artwork before adding to basket and placing your order.
  6. Postcards and letters include an option for you to upload your own address data, or find and purchase the names and addresses of households that you wish to target. Follow the on-screen instructions to identify households by location and filter the results using criteria such as tenure, length of residency, property value, house type and more to match your ideal target audience.

Need help getting started?

Contact Precision Connects on 0808 1231235 during business hours Monday to Friday.
Precision House, Lamdin Road, Bury St Edmunds IP32 6NU

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