Josh Phegan returns from Australia to deliver a brand new workshop on how to compete and regularly win against traditional, hybrid and online estate agents.

Featuring new and never seen before content, Josh will share the winning formulas he’s recently developed that are enabling his clients to achieve record conversion rates and to hold a high value fee.

During this session Josh will cover:

  • The highest value lead sources and how to get them working in your business.
  • Selling you so that you’re the logical choice.
  • Where the consumer search starts, and how to make sure you’re on the shopping list.
  • Playing to your strengths and exploiting the weaknesses of your competition.

After attending this event you will relish the opportunity to go into battle with the cut price agents and to emerge victorious over and over again.

Special Offer:
If you’re attending the EA Masters the next day there’s 50% off the ticket price!

Watch Josh’s video to find out more: