Giles Miskin - Outstanding Leadership

Giles specialises in team-building and leadership skills training and development. He is an experienced speaker, facilitator and qualified executive coach. His engaging style enthuses participants from all walks of life. With over 20 years’ prior management and leadership experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors, Giles promotes the interdependence of ‘the soft and the hard’, aligning emotional intelligence to the objectives and bottom-line performance of the organisation.

Session overview:

  • An insight into what great leaders do and into my own leadership strengths and challenges.
  • An understanding of the effects that my behaviour may have on others.
  • A recognition and valuing of the gifts that different personalities bring to a group .
  • Strategies to maximise these to the benefit of the individual and the group as a whole that can be used immediately back in the workplace.
  • Actions to be taken on 2 levels:-
  • Personal – knowing what I now know through the profile, what do I need to stop/start doing to increase my own effectiveness?
  • Interpersonal – knowing how different we are, what is it I can do differently when working with colleagues to improve our working relationship?