Chris Croft – Project Management

Chris is an expert in Time Management, Negotiating and Project Management Training and regularly presents to high level managers and teams. He is a Chartered Engineer and has worked for over 10 years as Production Manager and General Manager in industries as diverse as aerospace, plastics and automotive. Chris has also lectured in management for the Bournemouth University Business School.



  • The role of the MD in ProjectManagement
  • Overview of the 12 step ProjectManagement process
  • Interactive example of why diagrams are needed
  • Trying out the ‘CPA’ process on another example
  • Converting critical paths to Gantts – why and how, with an exercise to try it
  • Predicting your resource requirements when you have multiple projects – small companies can’t do everything at once
  • Some unexpected thoughts on the finance of projects
  • Good questions to ask a projectmanager who works for you.

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